Special Guest Appearances by Dean Martin
                                              Vic Morrow
                                              Dick Sargent

The first episode of season 3 opens with a new beginning.  The opening scenes are all shot in Las Vegas instead of the usual scenes where the angels are shown working at the Police Academy.

Their client Frank Howell (Dean Martin), hires the Townsend agency to investigate the death of Mary Phillips who was a dancer at the casino that he owns in Las Vegas.  Mary Phillips was run off the road whilst driving home from work one night.  The police believe it was an accident but Howell believes she was murdered.  He thinks someone is trying to put him out of business because other things have been happening as well.

The angels fly to Vegas straight away and assume their covers.  Sabrina becomes Frank Howells personal executive assistant,  Kelly becomes a dancer at Howells casino and Kris gets a job as a back up singer to Marty Cole, the resident singer.

Joey January, a performer booked to do shows at Howells casino is shot at as he turns up at the casino.  Howell believes the bullet was meant to miss as it was a setup so January could get out of his contract because he didn't want to perform there.

Kelly decides to check out Mark Haines, a local competitor, when she sees him deep in conversation with Joey January.  Kelly finds out that he has been paying Mary Phillips' rent because they were having an affair, but he denies knowing Mary Phillips.

Another accident happens to Jip, Howells best friend, in the car park where he gets run down by the same car that ran Mary Phillips off the road.  Jip is taken to hospital where it appears he will pull through.  Part one ends with someone climbing through Jips hospital window and injecting something lethal into his drip.  We see that the murderer is Marty Cole, the casino singer who Kris is working with.

Part two begins with Cole telling Howell that he's sorry but Jip didn't make it.  Howell, Sabrina, Cole and Kris go to the hospital.  Sabrina notices muddy footprints at the window and sees where Jips drip was tampered with.

Sabrina, Kris and Cole decide to take Howell to Hoover Dam for a picnic to give Howell a break.  Sabrina and Howell start kissing whilst Kris and Cole go for a walk, and they fail to see a speed boat pull up until it starts firing shots at them.  They follow in their own speed boat but Cole secretly turns the fuel off so their boat stalls and the other speed boat gets away.  Cole gets suspicious because Sabrina is carrying a gun.

Kris mentions that she thinks the bullets might be meant for Sabrina so Howell fires them because he doesn't want to see anyone else get hurt.  The angels continue to work on the case.

Cole calls Kris and tells her to meet him downstairs for a 5.30 show.  When she arrives he pulls a gun on her, forces her into his car and takes her to his house.  Once there he tells Kris that his dead wife had wanted to have an affair with Howell and then she drove off and had an accident and dies.  He blames Howell and therefore wants to take everything Howell has away from him to make him suffer like he has suffered.

Sabrina pieces it all together and forces Ed Slocombe, one of Coles cronies, to take them to Kris.  They have a shootout and Coles car goes over a cliff while he is trying to get away.

They go back to the casino to tell Howell and find that he has bet everything he owns, including the casino on a roll of the dice.  Sabrina begs him not to but he rolls the dice and wins and keeps everything.  Case over they say their goodbyes and head back to LA but not before meeting Dan Tanner from the TV show Vegas, much to Kelly and Kris' delight.

Season Three